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SONG OF THE DAY: Make the Girl Dance – “Tchiki Tchiki Tchiki”


A chance meeting at a live show brought together the French electro duo Make the Girl Dance and power guitarist Barrie Cadogan from the trio of Little Barrie. It resulted in “Tchiki Tchiki Tchiki,” a powerful of fusion of surf rock/rockabilly and electro created the next day in the studio. This insanely energetic track works on many levels – it harkens back to the Spaghetti Surfers take on “Misirlou” from the ‘90s as well as classics from the Violent Femmes. If it is ever performed live at a stadium show, the crowd would surely go nuts. As electronic dance music continues to branch out and merge with other genres, “Tchiki” proves that these kind of inspired collaborations will lead to even more interesting music. The video continues the Make the Girl Dance tradition of ‘out-there’ videos: (“Baby Baby Baby,” and “Kill Me” ). This time it features an insane car tow of a skateboarder through the streets of France which totally captures the vibe of the track. Listening to the song over and over, I wonder if they will take it a step forward and enlist someone like LMFAO to do a top line – now that would really make a party rock, wouldn’t it?

SONG OF THE DAY: Make the Girl Dance – “Kill Me”


The Frenchmen behind “Baby Baby Baby,” return with what seems like a response track. This time sung in English, rather than a song about a girl who wants everything, the vocals are about hedonists spoken over a rocking electro beat. Like the previous single, the video seems to be the main focus. The clip answers the question “What would you do if you only had 8 days left to live?” The hedonistic journey takes them to New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas on a drunken, drug fueled binge full of sex, skating and tattoos. Granted it is not a bad way to end your life (or spend $30,000 dollars), I do wonder if dolls qualify for protection from child abuse. This video (and song) is definitely Not Safe For Work.

SONG OF THE DAY: Make the Girl Dance – “Baby Baby Baby”


Sometimes its all about the video. “Baby Baby Baby” is a good rock tinged electro tinged track which grows in intesity with female spoken French vocals. Though nothing life changing or amazing, its definitely dance radio friendly. I can imagine the video producers thinking, “those Ministry of Sound guys have so much success with those bimbos in bikinis video, but we’re French and we’ll up the ante.” Three beautiful women walk down the streets of Paris a la Lady Godiva save for black bars that flash they lyrics. The logical progression from the BPA “Toe Jam” video, the producers get kudos for hiring women with real curves as opposed to the standard emaciated models we see. Courtney Love never looked so good. The people at Victoria’s Secret obviously agree as “Baby Baby Baby” is being used in their current advertising campaign.