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SONG OF THE DAY: LA Riots ft Ineabell – Let You Go


Oftentimes a singer gets a track, writes a topline, and the song is done with little interaction between the people involved. Sometimes these songs work and other times they feel like an off-key mashup. On the other hand, whenever Ineabell does a song, there seems to be a real collaboration where the final song has elements of everyone involved. You can hear the eerie prettiness of Ineabell in her songs with Beckwith (Higher/No Time To Waste) and Junior Sanchez (Alive at Night). With “Let You Go,” you hear the sounds of LA Riots with a progressive track that has a bit of noise and a modern rock influence, melded with that nearly trademark sound of Ineabell that softens it yet makes more powerful. The final song is fully realized and could go pop if promoted in that direction. It would definitely fit an emotionally climactic part of a movie or tv show.

Image Courtesy of Dim Mak.

SONG OF THE DAY: Yolanda Be Cool ft SYF and Fritz Helder  – “All That She Wants”


You never quite know what to expect when Austalian trio Yolanda Be Cool drops a track.  After exploding onto the scene with the massive “We No Speak Americano” with D-Cup and a few similar-styled swing-house jams, they started exploring harder sounds, nuHouse, and progressive on the followup releases (“Change,” “Sweat Naked,” and “Before Midnight”). For their cover of the Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants,” they’ve moved to downtempo chill house, but with a harder, almost metallic reggae vibe.   Imagine a collaboration of early Nine Inch Nails with Le Youth, and yes, it’s as strange as it sounds but works so perfectly for the dark vibe of the lyrics.  The vibe was no doubt influenced by Starving Yet Full (SYF) and Fritz Helder, two members of the Canadian electro group Azari and III.  If you listen to their tracks like “Hungry for the Power” and “Indigo,” you can totally see the roots of the sound.  DJs will probably reach for the more uptempo Go Freek and Wordlife remixes, but those who enjoy leftfield sounds will go straight to the Plastic Plates and Human Life remixes. The darkly psychedelic and gorgeously haunting video fits the narcotic vibe of the track perfectly.

Image Courtesy of Dim Mak.

Yolanda Be Cool ft SYF and Fritz Helder – “All That She Wants”

SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): The Chainsmokers – “#Selfie”


I am not always the best at predicting memes (remember, I am the one who mistakenly thought Filly’s “Hung Like a Donkey” was going to blow up). Around Christmas, a friend sent me a link to watch this fan-made video of The Chainsmokers “#Selfie.” I had heard about The Chainsmokers and had been playing their mixes of Cash Cash, The Wanted, and Icona Pop so when I saw #Selfie, I just started laughing. Its an energetic and bouncy electro jam made special by the spoken vocal of THAT vapid club chick. You know, the pretty one with no self esteem who is talking shade and desperately posting self portraits. As a satire it is quite brilliant and reminiscent of tracks like Eddie Amador’s “Psycho X-Girlfriend” and even Katalina’s “DJ Girl.” The first unofficial fan video featured guys in drag bouncing around and is quite hilarious, I think I received it over 30 times from different people over the past month. This week, the official version featuring pretty girls lip-synching and selfies from superstar DJs dropped, and it could easily become a viral hit. Let’s see if the Dim Mak crew can recreate the success of the “Harlem Shake.” Though they needn’t worry about becoming a one hit wonder with a novelty record, remember that their brothers (in name) the Jump Smokers got their start with a song dissing Chris Brown and look at how successful they’ve become.



Image courtesy of Dim Mak.

SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): The Chainsmokers – “#Selfie”