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SONG OF THE DAY: Inpetto – “Girls and Boys”


And the ’90s revival continues. Brit rock band Blur was no stranger to clubland with remixes by Pet Shop Boys and Carl Cox being commissioned.  A few years back, it seemed like every time you blinked your eye there was another bootleg of “Song #2.”  German trance/progressive house duo Inpetto is no stranger to commercial hooks (they are 2/3 of the group Fragma, who created “Toca’s Miracle”), so using the catchy singalong chorus of Blur’s “Girls and Boys” was a no-brainer.   Repeated over an energetic stadium house track, the few lines become a new song ready to dominate dance floors all over again. Many kudos to the Duderstadt brothers for their humorous take on the original artwork.  It takes guts (and a good sense of humor) to rock a long blonde wig and a full beard.

Image Courtesy of Spinnin/Doorn.

SONG OF THE DAY: The Scumfrog ft Sting – “If I Ever Lose My Faith”


With all the bootlegs and white labels floating around the internet, it’s nice to see a remix of classic that is both inspired and official. Just in time for the inevitable 25th Anniversary box set, Sting’s 1993 hit “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You” gets the rerub by The Scumfrog. The two actually met a few years ago when Sting recorded his holiday album “If On a Winter’s Night…’ in Scumfrog’s New York studion. Credited to The Scumfrog and Sting, the new remix is remarkable accessible and pop sounding – a completely different flavor than you might expect from the dutch guy that was dirty before it was cool to be. The uplifting remix will sound as good on the beach as it does on the radio. Additional remixes by Carl Cox, Beckers and Kruse & Nurembeg expand the reach of the track to hit all kinds of clubs. Watch for a new Scumfrog artist album to surface later this year with a more vocal tech-house sound.

Image Courtesy of Armada.