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ASK THE DJ: I’m a New DJ, What Should I Buy?

Dear DJ Ron,

My girlfriend and I have just started mixing beats on our Mac with Garage Band and now it has become a hobby (or “obsession”) for us. We want to take it to the next level and purchase some sort of DJ mixing software. Do you have any suggestions for a couple of novice DJs?



Dear Braxton,

ASK THE DJ: Digital Files

Dear DJ Ron,

I’m in the process of building my audio library and putting together z DJ demo. Also, I plan to purchase a Mac laptop and Traktor (or maybe Cue) software.

What do you consider as the “industry standard” regarding audio file format: mp3, mp4, m4a, or wav?

Signed, Travis

Dear Travis,

ASK THE DJ: Becoming a Circuit DJ

Dear DJ Ron,

I am a DJ in a medium-sized city and have a great local following. The club I spin at brings in guest DJs from time to time, and I often wonder how they get on the circuit. Recently, the club brought in a circuit dj and the whole time I thought to myself, I can mix a lot better than he can. What am I doing wrong?

Ready to break out

Dear RTBO,