INTERVIEW: Shiny Toy Guns (2013)

Shiny Toy Guns are back.  Not just back with new music, but back to their starting lineup with original singer Carah Faye Charnow who rejoins the group.   Signed to a new label, Five Seven Music, they released the album III late last year, previewed by two uniquely different songs – “Waiting Alone” and “Fading Listening.”  Moving away from the rock feel of their second album Season of Poison, III is more of a electronic-leaning album which has been embraced by their fans.  I spoke to Carah Faye and Jeremy Dawson when they stopped in Nashville on their recent Tour Odyssey with Dirty Heads.

RS: How does it feel to be touring as a whole group again?
Jeremy: Great, we are a band and that’s normally how we tour, what do you mean?

RS: I mean with the original lineup all together.
Carah Faye: It’s awesome
Jeremy: It’s the only way to go.

RS: Carah, is there anything weird about singing the songs that Sisely originally sang?
Carah Faye: No not at all, I just make them my own.
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