SONG OF THE DAY: Juan Kidd ft Faye Solomon – Are You the One?

This record caught my attention the moment I saw the name of the label – Weirdo. If enjoying quality vocal house makes me a weirdo, then so be it… Known for diverse house tracks and collaborations with everyone from Yousef and Filthy Rich to Prok & Fitch and Mark Brown, British DJ/producer Juan Kidd blends classic house grooves with modern loops for his new track “Are You the One.” The vocal line sounds so familiar on first listen that you would swear you’ve heard it in the club. Working with big, upfront vocals comes natural for Juan- look back at his breakout hit “Now You’re Gone” which featured Lisa Millett… House diva vocals don’t get much bigger than that. Faye sings with a little more of a playful and seductive tone- with a honeyed soul vibe. As great as the track is, I wonder how Juan would play it in his live sets. Since he is known for dropping acapellas live over tracks he is playing and doing live remixes on the fly, who knows what the backing for the catchy lyrics would be?

Image Courtesy of Weirdo Records.