SONG OF THE DAY: Watermat – Bullit


Last week, someone asked me what I thought of “that flute record.” My mind instantly went back to “Koko” by Sander Van Doorn, but the guy said it was something new. When I heard “Bullit” by Waterm├Ąt, it made more sense. Out on Spinnin Deep, the instrumental track is much more subtle, groovy, and yes, deep, than what you usually hear from Spinnin Records. “Bullit” is a chilled progressive track with a poolside lounge vibe. The intro is a bit reminiscent of Giorgio Moroder (maybe “I Feel Love”), but slowed down. The chords trigger an emotional response and takes me back to the classic Dusted (Rollo/Mark Bates) track “Always Remember to Respect and Honor Your Mother.” Then there is the flute which just sounds heavenly, as if it’s leading you on a journey. There aren’t a lot of deeper progressive tracks that cross over to the mainstream, but something tells me that this might be the one for the summer. You can expect a vocal version to filter out around by the end of June.

Image Courtesy of Spinnin Deep.