SONG OF THE DAY: Cassian – 8 Voices EP


Australian producer Cassian came up in conversation last week when I was chatting with a friend about progressive house.  Just as somehow in the ’90s europop started getting labelled as trance, lately a lot of stadium and commercial house is being labelled as progressive.  In searching for a good example of what progressive house is in 2014, we both landed on Cassian’s “8 Voice” EP.  While “Survivor” leans a bit on the nuHouse side, the expansive keyboards, sound effects, and throbbing groove give it a progressive feel. “The Ninth” is a bit deeper and moodier with a shuffling groove and a subtle movement through different vibes.  While on the Cassian tip, be sure to check out his solid vocal mix of Kraak & Smaak “Love Inflation” as well.

Image courtesy of Club Sweat.
Cassian – 8 Voices EP