SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Ab Soto – “Keep It Movin”


After writing up “Google Google Apps Apps,” my blog mother Victoria Jent told me to check out Ab Soto.  The west coast-to-east coast transplant mashes banjee boy style with fun and energetic electro/dance/pop/hip hop.  Going through his two ‘Fag Out’ albums, it was hard to choose a favorite, but I found myself going back to “Keep It Movin.”  Over a track bouncing between modern electro, hip-house, and big beat production styles, his lyrics about recovering from a breakup is a modern take on the classic “I Will Survive.”  Although it was released last year, the energy and freshness takes the ’90s flashback meme and gives it a queer twist.  With its colorful cast of characters dancing and singing along, the video channels Deee-Lite with its groovy fabulousness, or should I say banjee realness.  Since his two albums are free for download on Bandcamp, you’ve now got the perfect soundtrack for a true Sunday Funday.

Image Courtesy of Ab Soto.