SONG OF THE DAY: Aly and Fila ft Sue Mclaren – “Mysteries Unfold (Uplifiting Mix)”


Sometimes it really is all about the remix.  Egyptian trance duo Aly & Fila are set to release their Quiet Storm album, which has been preceded by the grungy/alternative rock-feeling “Running Out of Time,” featuring the vocals of Chris Jones.  Going in the opposite direction, “Mysteries Unfold” is pretty, almost soothing trance aimed for the swaying end-of-night feel.  Sue Mclaren’s vocals are lush and flowing, with a slight husky tone, grooving like a lullaby on edge.  On first listen, it sounds good and will work well in a club set and on the radio, but there is something missing.  Then comes the Uplifting mix and all bets are off. Wow, the energy and BPM are increased exponentially, with a powerful kick loop reminiscent of Tiesto “Flight 643″ (or for the euro/hardcore fans – the infamous CYT Remix of Erika “I Don’t Know”). A seemingly random male robotic voice adds some dissonance, giving it a bit of added quirk.  Sue’s vocals sound completely different – while still pretty, they are more powerful and anthemic (like one of Sarah McLachlan’s better electronic remixes).   With the new album coming, let’s hope they follow this inspiration and do a remix album of Uplifting mixes.  That would be a clubslayer.

Images courtesy of Future Sounds of Egypt/Armada.

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