SONG OF THE DAY: David Guetta & GLOWINTHEDARK ft Harrison – “Aint A Party”


You’ve got to give a lot of respect to David Guetta – he gives credit and props to all of the producers that he works with.  Rising Dutch producers GLOWINTHEDARK (aka Albert Harvey and Kevin Ramos) have become well known as ghost producers- you know- the guys who do the work for other artists.  Dutch superstar Chuckie introduced them to David Guetta at WMC and the bond was formed.  “Ain’t a Party” is a big room, monstrous electro track with intense energy, aggressive vocals (NSFW), and a rock guitar hook of the caliber of a Red Hot Chilli Peppers or a Nirvana hit. That hook is so instantly memorable and recognizable that it will no doubt be resampled and reused all summer long (you can probably expect either Flo Rida or Pitbull to jump on it). This is a massive club tune that will work in any big room or commercial club around the world. Just yesterday, we wrote up the Red Hot Chili Peppers remix, and while we see why it’s going to be a massive festival record found it a tad generic, excepting its use of original track elements. “Ain’t A Party” is a similar record in theme, but with a more creative execution.

Image Courtesy of JackBlack Records.