SONG OF THE DAY:  Audien – “Ciao”

Why is he saying goodbye?  Rising electro producer Audien continues his bipolar schedule of releases – literally alternating between big room electro tracks (“Sup”) and pretty, progressive vocal tracks (“Leaving You”). “Ciao” has Audien back in aggressive electro mode with sections of guitar-led prog rock leading to stomping, energetic electro.  The fusion of electro, stadium, progressive, and rock make the track stand out from the stream of tracks ending up on Beatport each week.  If you aren’t following Audien’s music, “Ciao” might be track that convinces you to do so.  Be sure to go back and check out his remix of Arty’s “Together We Are,” one of 2013’s most uplifting vocal remixes.

Image Courtesy of Trice.