SONG OF THE DAY:  Firebeatz  – “Wonderful”


Dutch production/DJ duo Firebeatz are normally on the aggressive electro side, releasing big room monsters like “Dear New York” and “Just One More Time.”  For their new track “Wonderful,” they’ve dialed back the aggression but kept the energy firmly in place.  The vocals are either a sample or revocalization of the classic “Music is So Wonderful,” originally sung by Vivian Lee in 1987 and redone by Sharon S/Fathers of Sound in 1993.  The Firebeatz duo have toned down the glitch and stomping beats for a bit more subdued blend of catchy synth lines and a progressive pop feel which is hooky and dancefloor-ready, but not so pounding that it’s unlistenable outside of the club.  While I would normally slam a track for the generic dubstep breakdown, in this instance it fits so perfectly that I just can’t.  I wouldn’t say it’s a new, softer side, but rather a nice growth in the breadth of their sound.  It’s also great to see the duo in the beginning of the video (put a face with a name) as they transform into an animated creature that has fun all over the cityscape.

Image Courtesy of Spinnin.