SONG OF THE DAY: Marc Van Linden ft Amanda Wilson – “Gotta Let You Go”


House classics never really die, they just get remixed and covered to keep them alive for every new generation of clubbers. Originally released in 1994 on venerable US freestyle label MicMac records, “Gotta Let You Go” by Dominica became an international club hit thanks to the original and remixes by Loveland, Hyper GoGo, and DJ Misjah.  Then in 2000, the record was revived with fresh mixes by DJ Tonka and DJ Antoine.  For 2012, clubland favorite Amanda Wilson steps in to resing it with a different feel.  Her vocals are a bit more pretty and polished, yet keep the emotional feel of the original.  Marc Van Linden’s production shows reverence to classic piano house (close your eyes and it could be K-Klass or M People) while modernizing it with current sounds.  For a more progressive/chunky feel, check out Jason Mill’s Sunset mix which makes a great set closer with its smoothed-out grooves and dramatic dropout.  Although the title is “Gotta Let You Go,” I remember people requesting this as the “no more sleepless nights” song.   Wouldn’t it be great if this is the start of a trend of DJs moving away from hard electro tracks emulating ’90s rave/techno to revisiting classic vocal piano house?

Image Courtesy of SoundzGood Recordings.