SONG OF THE DAY: Rene Ablaze & Jacinta – “Secret 2k13″ (Clokx Remix)


So I was walking down Collins Avenue on South Beach during the Winter Music Conference, enjoying the different DJs playing in every hotel lobby. As I was walking by the Dorset a track caught my attention, so I went in to see who the DJ was and it was the singer Jacinta – now known as DJ LoveFreq.   She was rocking Abelton with an Akai APC-40, seamlessly blending tracks and singing on top of them.  I asked her if she would ever consider doing a remix of “Can’t Keep It a Secret” – one of my all-time favorite songs, an uplifting personal growth anthem about helping someone find their truth.  On its original release, it was embraced by many in the LGBT community as a coming out song.  She said it was funny I would ask that and to listen to her next song.  Then she played a new mix by Clokx that was recently released on Redux records.  Gone are the tribal beats of the original, replaced with a smoothed-out progressive energy feel and hints of stadium and electro.  Hearing her sing live over the track was an extra special treat and will definitely stand out as one of my highlights of WMC 2013.  And yes, as soon as I got back to my hotel room, I rushed onto Beatport to buy the remix for my next DJ set!

Image Courtesy of Redux.