SONG OF THE DAY: EDX – “Blessed”


I would venture to say that this track has been misnamed – it sounds more “Blissed” than “Blessed.”  After releasing several singles from the phenomenal artist album  ‘On the Edge,’ Swiss producer/DJ EDX has begun releasing straightforward tracks on Toolroom.  Following up the buzz record “Touched,” EDX unleases “Blessed” a soothing and energetic track which would sound just as good in a chillout room or pool party as in a primetime progressive set (with a trance 2.0 edge). There is a marked resemblance to the remix he did for Dinka’s “Elements,” with the light and airy feel making it feel both gorgeous and epic at the same time.  With less of a stadium house feel than “Touched,” the new track has more of a classic feel, with keyboard parts reminiscent of Art of Noise’s “Moments in Love,” old school keyboard grooves, and soulful vocals seemingly sampled from a classic house record.  The song has such a mellow yet pumping groove that it wouldn’t surprise me to hear it played poolside often this week at Winter Music Conference.

Image Courtesy of Toolroom.