SONG OF THE DAY: Tritonal ft Underdown – “Bullet That Saved Me”


That stratification between subgenres seems to be collapsing more and more.  There are no longer pure trance producers or progressive producers – all the different sounds are melding together and, in the right hands, becoming epic creations.  With “Bullet That Saved Me,” the Tritonal duo blend the progressive and trance sounds they are known for with stadium and harder electro while incorporating rock and downtempo elements in the breakdown.  Adding the strong male vocal is a nice touch, having him sing emotionally relevant, if not edgy, lyrics- even more a bonus.  It’s also nice to hear producers who can actually produce vocals on a beat, rather than just throw them all over a 2-minute drop in the middle of a track.  The song definitely has a personal message that we all can relate to and makes for a great first taste of their upcoming ‘Metamorphosis’ EP which is set to drop during the WMC.

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Image Courtesy of Enhanced Records.