SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Carmen Electra ft Bill Hamel – “I Like It Loud”


Prince protege, Baywatch babe, gameshow hostess, actress, fitness coach – is there anything Carmen Electra can’t do?   Her multifaceted life translates well into “I Like It Loud,” an equally multifaceted track blending electro pop with moombahton and featuring her both singing and rapping.  Her tragically underappreciated debut album from 1993 proved she had the vocal skills and panache to bring it on, and so twenty years later her animated flow on the downbeat is a nice cross between Azealia Banks and Luciana, while dropping references to Instagram and Lana Del Rey’s pout.  Her singing voice is quite similar to Havana Brown – smooth and sexy – appealing to both the straight guys who lust after her body and the gay guys who adore the over-the-top sexiness bordering on drag.  While not the most original dance song out there, this isn’t a song that requires you to “think too much,” it’s a fun party record that would fit on Top 40 radio just as easily as it does in any club set (thanks to the nearly 340 remixes on it).  And yes, as the title suggests, you will “like it loud.” 

Image Courtesy of Citrusonic/Stereophonic.