SONG OF THE DAY: Alexis Jordan – “Acid Rain”


Alexis Jordan made massive waves with her debut single “Happiness.”  Effectively a topline written over deadmau5’s “Brazil,” complete with catchy humming and powerful vocals, “Happiness” topped charts over the world- including the US Club Chart.  Her new single sees her delving back into clubland to discover the banging and quirky electro track “Rattle” by the Bingo Players and coming up with the gorgeously powerful “Acid Rain,” beautifully written by Sia.  Alexis’ voice is the rare blend of power and pretty which enhances lyrics with subtle conviction, which is quite a challenge since the backing track features noises that sounds like ducks honking.  It will be interesting to watch how this track develops in the UK, where Happiness was a major pop smash (top 3) and where the Far East Movement version of “Rattle” has already topped the chart (due in no small part to the violent duck video). Of course, the obvious solution is a mash-up, but thematically the two songs are so different that it wouldn’t make sense.  “Acid Rain” showcases both the emotional and vocal power of Alexis Jordan and the strong production skills of Bingo Players, who produced such a unique and quirky track that it inspired two polar opposite vocal interpretations.

Image Courtesy of Roc Nation.