SONG OF THE DAY: Calagna & Cortes ft Ash Ruiz – “Same Tribu”


The allure of pots and pans has been lost on me so I will admit that I have not really followed tribal music for many years.  This aversion has calmed over the past few years, and I’ve found myself playing a few cool tribal tracks from labels like Stereo and Kult.  Up next in my sets will be “Same Tribu,” the new collaboration of Alyson Calagna and Jose “Spinnin'” Cotes featuring the vocals of Ash Ruiz.  The original mix has an almost meditative, spiritual feel which transcends the genre – yes, it’s tribal, but with authentic-feeling chants, sexy grooves, and a beat that invites you onto the floor. Kult mainstay Eddie Cumana adds a cool, old school house vibe with his mix, with a sick bassline and fills that are brilliant in their clarity.  A touch of electro and disco gives Cortes’ own mix a unique flavor that opens the track up for DJs who don’t normally embrace the tribal vibe. All three of these mixes are segued together in the promo YouTube video which showcases Alyson and Jose spinning live and working in the studio.  Gear whores be warned, there will be a lot of cool pieces you will be craving.

Image Courtesy of Kult.