SONG OF THE DAY: Daniel Steinberg –  “Can’t Find My Baby”


You can always look to the Germans for something interesting and off-kilter. A 15-year veteran of the German club scene, Daniel Steinberg is set to release his second album ‘Treptow,’ previewed by the WTF track “Can’t Find My Baby.” Hard to describe in genre terms, my best guess would be lo-fi disco house. Imagine Fatboy Slim for 2013, melding a jazzy groove with both a ’70s album rock and swing feel (but not at all as cheesy as the swing house tracks that were big a few years ago) with a lo-fi glitchy sensibility and dueling vocal loops that are oh so familiar but can’t be placed.  It’s as if he built a cool track and just had fun dropping vocal bits on different lines of his Logic session.  The brassy horn section is quite a nice hook as well.  The overall effect is laid back, lounge-y, and sexy without being boring or expected. While the song is quite good on its own, I could imagine a creative writer like Imogen Heap or Esthero grooving to this at a German lounge and getting inspired to write a full vocal song around it.  

Image Courtesy of Arms & Legs.