SONG OF THE DAY: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – “Wakanda”


You’ve got to love a track that has multiple personality disorder.  Like the trend of franken-dresses in fashion, the full-on mash-up fusion of disparate genres is making current releases a lot more interesting.  For Wakanda, Belgian team Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike lure you in with a modern take on big room tribal (complete with aboriginal-sounding chants) before seamlessly jumping into banging, glitchy electro buildups.  Going back and forth between the tribal and electro gives “Wakanda” a frantic energy and unique sound which you might expect to come from a tag team set of Chus & Ceballos and Nicky Romero, just condensed into a 5-minute track.  As for the name, the reference could be geeky to tech people (a javascript platform), comic book fans (an imaginary country in Marvel comics), or sociologist (the great spirit of Native Americans).  It’s fascinating when a single word can reference so many interpretations, just like when a track can be so much greater than the sum of its seemingly discordant elements.

Image Courtesy of Axtone.