SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): George Vector ft Deborah Cox – “Remember Me (From the Ghetto)””


As a DJ and dance music lover, songs often have specific stories attached to it. In the mid-’90s, I got my start spinning clubs by doing afterhours venues – first at The Zone and then my long-term residency at eXceSs. There was a brilliant record on Mushroom Jazz back in the day by Blue Boy called “Remember Me,” which those under the influence would request as the “ging-ga-ging” song because of its distinctive vocal melisma. The underground record sampled Marlena Shaw singing “Woman of the Ghetto” from her ‘Live at Montreux” album, and the Deep Zone club mix was the one of choice. Fast forward fifteen years and last night I had a request for George Benson featuring Deborah Cox. Always seeking to please, I searched my hard drive and couldn’t find it, and a search of Beatport/iTunes brought up nothing. Running it by DJ friend Bit Error, he recognized it as George Vector. A few clicks at Beatport and the newly vocalized version of “Remember Me” was playing. Deborah Cox sounds amazing, no shock there, as the R&B/club/Broadway vocalist is one of the few who could do justice to Marlena Shaw’s performance. George’s production is solid house with a bit of stadium influence and additional remixes by Adam Rickfors and Daniel Beasley & Jeremy Juno will fit progressive and electro sets. The only thing missing is the infamous Karen Finley sample from “Tales of Taboo,” though it’s doubtful anyone but the most hardcore of househeads will feel that that is a dealbreaker for a jam like this. Originally released in November, it’s a record worth digging up to add a bit of social justice (or strong diva vocals) to your Sunday Funday.

Image courtesy of Pope records.