SONG OF THE DAY: Chris Lake & Michael Woods – “Black Thong”


Spinning a mainstream room, I find myself working overtime to please a divided crowd who want to hear different sounds.  There are those who want aggressive, pounding electro and others who want prettier, progressive house. Along comes this brilliant  “Black Thong” track and my DJ life is so much easier.  Producers Chris Lake & Michael Woods have teamed up to construct this seemingly perfect mashup of the two disparate genres.  Starting off, the track sounds like the apotheosis of stadium house, as if Swedish House Mafia and Avicii morphed together as one.  Along comes a build, and the track jumps seamlessly into a pumping electro track with a touch of glitch, asian instrumentation, and vocal cheers.  As the energy builds, a whoosh comes along and the gorgeously progressive big room sound comes in again.  In less talented hands, this track would simply read as a choppy mashup. Chris and Michael managed to blend the two disparate sounds together into a cohesive track which will no doubt make everyone dance.  Aside from an explanation on where the song title came from, what more could a DJ ask for?

Image Courtesy of Ultra