SONG OF THE DAY: Don Diablo ft Noonie Bao – “M1 Stinger”


I guess T33 just isn’t a catchy name. The original Dirty Dutchman Don Diablo has been flying under the radar a bit lately, dropping tracks now and then. Just released is “M1 Stinger,” the outerworldly juxtaposition of a kiddie sing-along song about violent retribution for stolen virginity. Well, that’s just one reading of the lyrics- and knowing they were written by Sting makes you wonder if it’s an allegory for third world countries gaining retribution against imperialistic nations that stole their natural resources. Vocalised by Swedish alt-pop singer Noonie Bao, it could easily be mistaken as a Robyn track – you know, the ones that lull you in as a pop song and then end quite aggressively. The original version of “M1 Stinger” starts with a midtempo rock/pop feel, which breaks into a siren and then in-your-face drum and bass. Remixes make the track more club-friendly for those loving moombahton (Rene Kuppens) and drum and bass (gLAdiator and VIP). Since Don is one for discovering new talent (he was one of the first to collaborate with Dragonette many years ago), it is definitely worth tracking down Nonnie’s song “About To Tell.” As for the Don, here’s hoping that his recent move to London inspires even more random creative madness, such as the cracked-out owl in the video and this stinger.. oops banger of a tune.

Image courtesy of Don Diablo.