SONG OF THE DAY: Maya Von Doll ft Robs & Duke – “Is This Love”


Dance music is all over the radio right now, but of course purists turn up their noses because it is mostly r&b and pop artists co-opting the EDM genre and putting pop melodies or rap verses on top of it. With that in mind, it’s great to see one of our own jump the trend and add a pop vibe to a harsh electro sound. Soho Dolls lead singer Maya Von Doll follows up her summer single “Open Chequebook” with the deceptively melodic “Is This Love.” I say deceptively because it starts off very synth-pop and gradually the electro kick loop builds in intensity. About a minute and a half in, there’s a brief silence and then full-on glitchy electro takes over – as if Steve Aoki and Skrillex teamed up to make a pop song. The transition between the different sounds is jarring at first, but definitely adds impact to the question the song asks. The video, honestly, borders on soft-core porn but is just classy enough so you realize that a woman is in control of the objectification. In its current form, “Is This Love” is a great electro-pop song for radio, I am imagining how great a sick moombahton or glitch mix would sound in club sets.

Image Courtesy of Maya von Doll.