SONG OF THE DAY: Kirsty – “Hands High”


“Let’s take this way too far” are lyrics that will mean different things to different people. Following up her track with Armin van Buuren, “Twilight,” Kirsty goes straight for the jugular with the exuberantly energetic and catchy “Hands High.” Since “Hands up” is the generic refrain in most club records, “hands high” is somewhat of a refreshing change. Rather than referring to an arrest, though, Kirsty does sing about submission in the double entendre-filled lyrics, the “gun at your back” is clearly an allusion to the driving beat of this monster track, one of the very few which maintains energy even during dropouts. Afrojack’s mix is the focus- getting the most club play, but relating to taking it too far, the beats and noises could easily be from a remix he did two to three years ago. But if you’ve got a formula that works, why mess with it? The lack of change is almost refreshing as DJ/producers often become famous for one thing and quickly morph into something else, leaving fans disappointed when they catch them live. DJs (and club kids) should definitely check out the additional remixes by Dale Corderoy and Loverush UK, who keep the electro vibe yet add their own distinct flavor (middle eastern influences/progressive trance and Avicii-esque stadium house). A solid record with great mixes and a cute video, “Hands High” will clearly be getting massive club play throughout the fall.

Image Courtesy of Spinnin.