SONG OF THE DAY: Lindstrom – “Vos-sako-rv”


Norwegian producer Hans-Peter Lindstrom blends elements of electro, disco, new wave, and lounge into “Vos-sako-rv,” the latest track from his new album “Smallhans.” The energetic and playful track sounds like the ultimate cool children’s TV show theme song, joyous and buoyant with a sing-along chant that any 3 year-old will embrace. It’s that simplicity that sucks you in, like Justice’s classic “D-A-N-C-E” or an upbeat Daft Punk trance: many things going on at the same time, equally accessable and addictive. Although he has remixed Lana del Rey’s recent commercial track for H&M, I wonder what would happen if he went all the way commercial and worked with someone like GIrls Aloud or the Saturdays, layering their sugary pop songs over equally addictive nuDisco tracks… Since that probably won’t ever happen, we can all tap our feet and sing along to the simple joy of “Vos Sako Rv” safely with kids of all ages in our family throughout the holiday season.

Image Courtesy of Feedelity Music