SONG OF THE DAY: Jenn D – “Lose It”


It’s always great when a song catches you by surprise. A site reader recommended that I check out “Lose It” by Jenn D. The song starts out with a jaunty dance pop vibe, and the sung and spoken response vocals are a bit catchy. A tropical vibe drumbeat becomes the focus as the vocals get more effected. The dropout bridge builds the intensity to a computerized voice saying “Are You Ready?” Then it hits – an explosive beat best described as a pop version of moombahton, a fusion of reggaeton, distortion, and dubstep. The unexpected change is really fresh and sounds unlike anything else out there right now. When played at a club, this song will ignite any commercial dance floor – it’s highly recommended for those who like pop with an edge. By the way, for all you trainspotters, if Jenn D looks familiar, that’s because she was formerly known as Vela, the brunette lead singer of Soft Toy Emergency (look up the Blondie-esque “Critical”).

Image Courtesy of AATW.