SONG OF THE DAY: Stonebridge and Matt Joko, and Jonathan Mendelsohn ft Crystal Waters – “Standing In Your Way”


There’s more to Swedish house than the mafia. Legendary producer Stonebridge consistently creates solid vocal house releases; it’s been almost 20 years since he did the landmark “Show Me Love” with Robin S. Together with his StoneyBoy label signing/discovery Matt Joko, they’ve created “Standing in Your Way” – an uplifting piece of stadium house blending the modern big room sounds with elements of electro and a taste of the progressive. The inspirational lyrics contain the message of a modern self-improvement sermon movingly expressed by Jonathan Mendelsohn, whom you might know from some of his vocal work with the Wamdue Project on “Forgiveness.” Listen closely and you will hear the background hook sung by none other than legendary diva Crystal Waters. “Standing in Your Way” shows that collaborations between many people can lead to something special and that by combining the talents of classic and up-and-coming musicians brings out their best for everyone to enjoy.

Image Courtesy of Zouk.