SONG OF THE DAY: xKore – “Everybody Rock”


You’ve got to love tracks that pack a surprise factor. When I first listened to “Everybody Rock” by xKore, I thought to myself ‘why is this UK producer who is touring with Datsik making a reggaeton hybrid track?’ The vocals came in and the beat faded away and a pure reggaeton beat stood out for a measure, and then came the attack of dubstep. It’s not aggressive, teeth-gnashing dubstep, it’s actually melodic and groovy- two words that I have never before used to describe a dubstep track. The seamless transitions between the pseudo-reggaeton beat, progressive bridges, and the dubstep happen throughout and make the track quite unique on many levels. Those looking for a fresh take on dubstep would do well to check out xKore’s ‘Stab EP.’

Image Courtesy of Inspected.