SONG OF THE DAY: Black Bird White Sky – “Talk Talk Talk”


There’s this really great trend right now in EDM where different subgenres are merging together- in the same song. Probably the most successful example is Zedd ft Matthew Koma’s “Spectrum,” and as we see other major EDM artists doing it, so then are the newcomers. Dance-rock band Black Bird White Sky are set to release a new EP, ‘The Fall,’ later this month and the track “Talk Talk Talk” is a standout. Combining elements of ’90s electronica, guitar rock, glitch, and synth pop, the track is what you might imagine Savage Garden doing if they were paired with Alesso. The hooky chorus and the singalong chants just make it all the more catchy. Although it’s strong in its original version for radio and crossover, an electro remix – with the vocals intact – would be a quick add to all my commercial club sets.

Image Courtesy of The Outlet.