SONG OF THE DAY: September “Hands Up”


The club is the place to go where you need to escape everything in your life and just dance to let it all out. That classic story is told by September in her new single “Hands Up,” a europop confection peppered with a crowd chant/singlong chorus leading to a surprisingly aggressive electro section. It’s an instant reaction record, and I remember loving the track when I first heard it on her quite exceptional Love CPR album that she released last year (which also had “Mikrofonkat,” “Party in My Head,” and “Resuscitate Me”). Fans agreed. The masterminds at Robbins Entertainment decided to release “Hands Up” based on the massive amount of downloads it has received. Commercial DJs looking for a no-brainer hands-in-the-air record should definitely add “Hands Up” to their sets.

Image Courtesy of Robbins.