SONG OF THE DAY: Markus Schulz ft Seri – “Love Rain Down”

Listening to new Markus Schulz’ new album, it’s quite hard to choose a favorite track. There are so many strong vocal trance songs out there that it’s almost a dice roll. One of my favorites is “Love Rain Down,” which features vocalist Seri. The masterful balance between energy and subtlety – big room trance hooks softened by sections of calm – make the track itself strong enough for any club set. Seri’s plaintive yet pretty vocals are expressive and simply float in the air elevating the track to a higher level. Lovers of europop will dig this track as much as the tranceheads. The video feels more like a film short – something you would see in the theater, a sign that EDM artists are really elevating their visuals in a major way. If you haven’t checked out Scream yet, “Love Rain Down” give you another good reason to.

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Image Courtesy of Cold Harbour/Armada.