INTERVIEW: NiRe AllDai (2012)


Sometimes you hear a song and it just catches your attention.  “Inside Out” was like that for me. I’d heard it on a sampler and quickly became obsessed with it.  Singer NiRe AllDai (pronounced NI RAY) is new on the scene as an artist, yet she has written songs that have been recorded by Demi Lovato, Starshell, and other pop stars.  With a unique style, catchy lyrics, and an energetic performance style that will grab your attention, NiRe is definitely one to watch.

Ron Slomowicz: You have such a beautiful name, what does it mean?
NiRe AllDai: It means “the one with wings.”

RS: Wow, so you can make us fly with your voice?
NiRe AllDai: Yes, that is a nice way to put it.

RS: I first heard about you 3 years ago when I interviewed an artist named Starshell. She mentioned that NiRe AllDai wrote the song for her “Superluva,” but I had the hardest time figuring out how to spell your name. How did you hook up with Starshell to write the record with Mary J. Blige?
NiRe AllDai: First off, I love Starshell, she is doing her thing right now and doing very well. I actually wrote the song with Fernando Garibay, who has done stuff with Gaga. We came up with the record together and I think the two of them were in the studio. He played it and everyone loved it. It all kind of went from there and is still doing well. Kanye and Big Sean jumped on the remix a couple months ago so I am excited; it is old, but then again new.

RS: Publishing is your best friend! What is the story about “Inside Out,” was that about a specific person or a life experience?
NiRe AllDai: “Inside Out” is really just a collection of randomness. The verses don’t even necessarily make a whole lot of sense; I am really just talking about taking expectations of me, life, or music and turning them inside out. That is what I am prepared to do with music, to take what everybody thought was supposed to be, what could and should happen, and just tell everyone “bye, inside out!”

RS: Was the video “Mad Max Rave” your idea or where did that come from?
NiRe AllDai: It was a combination between me and the director Hannah Lux Davis, who has amazing ideas and also did the “Hella Bad” video that is coming out. She has great ideas, and with my craziness it inspired her to do more things. The wardrobe was pretty crazy too, so that added a lot of my personality. Hannah and I got to know each other a lot before we shot the video, so it was a collab effort, but it was me all day.

RS: When you wrote “Inside Out,” you wrote “Hella Bad” also; was “Hella Bad” about a specific person?
NiRe AllDai: No it is not, it has two meanings. The first meaning is that if you are saying that you are interested in me, I am not going to be interested in you unless you show me that you want it hella bad. The second meaning is really the power of someone’s words; you can say that you want something but if you don’t have the actions to back it up than you really have to speak what you want into existence. It is really about the power of your words and if you really want it you have to say that you want it.

RS: It isn’t that I want, it is that I will. Tell us the story about your new video.
NiRe AllDai: The new video is another Hannah production. I just have 2 sexy hot guys that are fighting for my attention and I am telling them what they need to do before I would consider it. The theme is tribal royalty with futuristic tribals, it might be on a different planet, you never know. It is very cool, artsy, and sexy.

RS: Speaking about very sexy, your style is very unique, creative and sexy, is this all of your doing or do you have help?
NiRe AllDai: I would love some more help, this is just random stuff that I have in my closet.

RS: I see an ad campaign.
NiRe AllDai: Oh yeah? Thank you, I see that too, tell somebody else.

RS: Where was the video for “Inside Out” filmed?
NiRe AllDai: it was filmed in Salton Sea on Bombay beach, coming from LA it is about an hour Past Palm Springs. It is a weird little place that is like a desert on the sea. It was a sea that was poisoned and the dam broke and over took the whole city and all the houses came down. You will see in the video a lot of half houses, it’s a weird wasteland place. It is very creepy, yet very cool with all the colors and singing.

RS: So it is definitely a ‘don’t drink the water’ type of area.
NiRe AllDai: Yes, don’t even touch the water, it is really gross.

RS: This is going to be really geeky, I am not a stalker or anything but I am just curious, you did a track with Sergio Galoyan, the guy that worked with t.AT.u called “Everything,” is that going to end up on your album?
NiRe AllDai: Probably not, it is a pretty old song; I did it in 2009. Sergio came out here, we met and had dinner one night and went to the studio and did the song. He went back to Russia and called about 6 months later and said that he wanted to put it on his album. He then called me 3 months later and said it was doing really well and then he called again and said it was moving up the charts. It went all the way to 6 or 7 on the Europa Plus, which was amazing for a song that I just did one day, not planning on anything from it. Maybe Sergio and I will get together for something else, but I don’t think that one will be on the album.

RS: Who are you working with album, producer wise?
NiRe AllDai: Producer wise it is still open; I have a lot of super talented unknown producers. Max Methods did “STFU” and “Hella Bad,” I got a couple records with Timbaland, the Stargate camp, and Espionage did “Inside Out.”  I have Jonas Jeburg who has my first radio single and a few other incredible songs.

RS: First radio single? “Hella Bad” is not going to be a radio single?
NiRe AllDai: No, but if it makes it to radio then that’s great.

RS: So these are just set up singles?
NiRe AllDai: Yes, these are all just set ups to get DJ’s and people familiar with me and my music. The first radio single will be out in the fall and it is going to be called “Riot.”

RS: Do you go out clubbing?
NiRe AllDai: I do a little bit.

RS: Do you have any favorite DJ’s?
NiRe AllDai: I don’t know, I am just a music head. I like people who are cool on and off stage so I would say David Guetta, he is so nice off stage so he would be my favorite DJ.

RS: Awesome, good answer. Which Demi Lovato song did you write?
NiRe AllDai: This is the story regarding Demi Lovato, I wrote these songs with Timbaland, it was me and a couple other writers, Demi came in after the fact and chose some songs. After that something weird happened where all these other writers got on it, they took the basis of the song that me and another person wrote and all these writers ended up on the song.  The song is called “All Night Long” and between me and you somehow I got bumped, I get credit and publishing but was the only person that got bumped off of the credits. I was kind of upset but I was like screw it, I wasn’t going to say that I didn’t write it, I can still hear my words and melodies. I still get publishing and credits but I don’t know why my name isn’t on it but the song is called “All Night Long.”

RS: Aside from Starshell and Lovato are there any other artists who recorded your songs?
NiRe AllDai: Yes, Rihanna and Mary J Blige recorded a couple of my songs. The song writing game is kind of weird because people get excited and then it gets put on hold. I have a song that Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls used, Jimmy Iovine actually heard the song and bought it the next day and recorded it. They are kind of in limbo so it’s hard to tell when and if they are going to come out. I have a ton of songs out there and I am sure they will resurface one day and people will be like remember that song you wrote 3 years ago, here it is!

RS: Is there anything that you would like to say to all of your fans out there?
NiRe AllDai: Yes, team AllDai and the Nireallians, I love you guys; thank you so much for supporting me and to all of the new Nireallians coming, thank you!

Interview conducted August 2012 during Promo Only Summer Sessions.