SONG OF THE DAY: Swedish House Mafia ft John Martin – “Don’t You Worry Child”


Stadium house supergroup Swedish House Mafia unleash another amazing single from their album ‘One Night Stand.’ Featuring vocals from singer John Martin (who also sang “Save the World’ and wrote “Fade Into Darkness” for Avicii), the song is an emotional story about a man’s journey from a happy childhood through the challenges and losses of his life.  The chorus repeats the wise advice of his father, to see past the struggles and realize that a higher power has a plan for your future.  Maybe its a story the SHM trio relate to as they wonder what they will do next after their final tour, or a song for us to ponder as we struggle through difficult political and financial times. The anthemic feel of the chorus will no doubt be with us for a long time, as it will no doubt be used for a campaign of some sort in the future.  For now, just raise your hands in the air and sing along as your favorite DJ plays it in the club or you hear it on the radio.  These are the kind of uplifting lyrics that we all need to hear from time to time.

Image Courtesy of EMI.