SONG OF THE DAY: 2 Faced Funks ft Lucia – “All I Need”


Dance music has a history of mysterious and secretive producers who jump between projects and pseudonyms like many people change their jeans.  That’s why it’s going to be interesting to find out who the guys behind 2 Faced Funks are.  With their masks on, they could easily be confused as a knock-off of the Blue Man Group- except painted dark pink.  Following up their bouncy, energetic tracks “Black Out” and “Arabia,” the duo have unleashed “All I Need,” a potential big room monster complete with vocals by Lucia.  It’s always great to find transition tracks that start off at one energy level and change the feel of the room.  “All I Need” starts off with a midtempo progressive groove which leads to the dropout with the playful vocals.  The build-up is subtle, but once it kicks in the results are explosive with massive energy that will be felt by everyone dancing on the floor. The 2 Faced Funks team is definitely one to watch for strong tracks.

Image Courtesy of Zouk.