SONG OF THE DAY: DNS Project ft Madelin Zero – “If I Just Listened”


The first time I heard Circ’s “Destroy She Said,” I fell in love with the voice of Madelin Zero.  Her breathy angelic vocals were both soothing and haunting at the same time.  Her solo album was a visionary fusion of rock and electro that was, frankly, ahead of its time.  She’s gone on to work with everyone from ATB and Tomcraft to Richard Morel and Shah.  Teaming up again with Estonian producer DNS, with whom she recorded Another Day, she goes a bit darker and more progressive with “If I Just Listened.” The sound is quite warm, with effected vocals used in the intro as if another instrument. The vocals in the verse start off almost spoken and gradually become sung with a hushed tone.  The groove intensifies until the big breakdown when Madelin’s angelic vocals become the focus over minimal backing.  The music builds again to a hands-in-the-air progressive groove with electro flourishes that will sound amazing on a big sound system. “If I Just Listened” is one of those songs that might not grab you on first listen. I played it in a radio show, and when I listened back to the set I found myself falling for the track big time.

Image Courtesy of S107/Armada.