SONG OF THE DAY: Madeon ft Zak Waters and Cass Lowe – “The City”


Less than two months after dropping the rock-influenced dubstep monster “Finale,” Madeon is back with a completely different sound for “The City.”  The modern disco groove is surely a sign of the influence of his French roots and his twist is the rock vibe that was also heard in “Finale.”  Imagine a collaboration of Chromeo and Cassius and you get the idea.  The crowd chants in the chorus are a nice touch, as are the vocals by Zak Waters and Cass Lowe which add a pop, yet still cool, feel.  It’s as if the 18 year-old is dipping his feet in the commercial pool but not willing to sell out.  “The City” is one of those cool electronic tracks that sounds great in the club right now and will probably end up on radio sometime next year.

Image Courtesy of popcultur.