SONG OF THE DAY: Chicane & Ferry Corsten – “One Thousand Suns”


Pardon the tired analogy, but this track is like a Reese’s peanut butter cup – two great tastes that taste great together. UK producer Chicane has created some of the biggest trance tracks in clubland history (“Saltwater,” “Offshore,” “Don’t Give Up”) and so has Dutch producer/DJ Ferry Corsten (“Out of the Blue,” “Rock Your Body Rock,” “Junk/Punk”). Together they have created an absolutely gorgeous balearic track – it’s not exactly trance, nor is it morning music- but rather a fusion of the two genres. Maybe it’s a response to all the aggressive electro that is out there, but there’s something really smoothing to the groovy flow of this track. The pads in the breakdown are nearly emotional with the way they feel, and the extended buildup prolongs excitement. The fact that it doesn’t lead to a harder or louder feel makes the track even more special. The male and female vocals are sampled harmonizing sounds and not really traditional lyrics; this is good and bad. Good because listeners can attach their own meaning without the song forcing one. Bad, because I am only imagining how massive this track could be as a crossover with a strong topline. Then again, maybe that is coming soon. Nevertheless, its easy to imagine this track played beachside, at the end of a club night with people embracing or even as a sync to a movie or tv show. There is something truly magical about this piece of music. Remixes by Disco Citizens, Danny Howard, and Soundprank are worth a spin for DJs who want a more progressive or energetic take.

Image Courtesy of Armada.