SONG OF THE DAY: Sam and the Womp – “Bom Bom”


A record that just makes you smile… This frenetic mix of ska, electro, and horns is just so energetic and upbeat that it demands that you get into it. Most importantly, it is a WTF track, as in you listen to it and say “What The F*k” is it. It sounds like nothing else out there and feels completely fresh and fun. The vocals are more than a little bit kooky, complete with animal noises and funny sounds- it could easily be a kid’s record save for the rum reference. Then again, the track did gain a lot of notoriety from its inclusion in a Southern Comfort commercial. In case you’re wondering, the Womp is the band’s signature dance, and who knows, maybe it could be the next “Macarena.” Not that it needed remixes, but Fear of Tigers adds a bit of a tribal track for a full-vocal take which is a bit more dance-floor friendly. The only sad part of this track is that the original video seems to have been pulled from YouTube and online outlets – the UK version is quite fun, but the original was so campy and low-budget that it really captured the humor of the song. It’s easy to see why this record topped the UK pop chart, and here’s hoping they put out more fun records rather than become known as a one-hit wonder novelty act.

Image Courtesy of Stiff.