SONG OF THE DAY: Kristine W and Bimbo Jones – “Everything That I Got”

Clubland loves the divas with the big voices, and sixteen Billboard Club chart-topping hits is a sign of how much we all love Kristine W. As a preview of her forthcoming “New & Number Ones,” she has released “Everything That I Got,” which is possibly her most commercial-sounding pop dance song to date. The hands-in-the-air anthem is a modern first-person narrative (like a subjective take on Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard for the Money”) with enough hooks and chants that everyone will sing along to it on first play. It’s simply a fun record with instant reaction guaranteed. With such a strong song, the remixers turned in solid mixes across the board – Twisted Dee, Subgroover, Stonebridge, and Bimbo Jones twirl it in their respective genres – tribal, electro, and house. With all the aggressive and abrasive tracks out there now, I’ve been getting requests for more sing-along songs that haven’t been burned out by being overplayed on the radio. “Everything That I Got” fits the bill and reminds us that we all go to the club to have a good time.

Image Courtesy of Fly Again Music.