SONG OF THE DAY: Diamond Rings – “I’m Just Me”


The fusion of rock and electro seems to be the next pervasive movement after dubstep, so it’s quite interesting to see diverse EDM artists embracing it.  With “I’m Just Me,” Canadian artist John O’Regan, better known as Diamond Rings,  embraces new wave and synth pop of the ’80s and modernizes it with more testosterone and growl.  Imagine if Bright Light Bright Light mashed with the Presets as produced by Vince Clarke for a frame of reference.   The remixes are an interesting mix of sounds, with DJ Reidiculous’ homage to Swedish House Mafia standing out as a clear favorite. Just like his recent tour mate Robyn, he embraces an ’80s-era androgynous style, which fits the retro-vibed and laser-filled smoky video clip.  A delicious first taste of his forthcoming Free Dimensional CD coming out in October, “I’m Just Me” will leave you wanting more of his modern-retro flavor.

Image Courtesy of Astralwerks.