SONG OF THE DAY: Lissat & Voltaxx – “Dreams 2012″


We all attach special memories to classic dancefloor anthems, so it’s quite a challenge for to love cover versions.  When they work, such as Fedde Le Grand’s recent “So Much Love,” they almost become a meme of their own.  Clubbers of today will probably have no frame of reference for the gothic, almost religious-themed classic “Dreams” by Quench from 1993 (which I always saw as a progenitor to the Rollo/Faithless sound). With the current trend of retro-techno/rave sounds in remixes, it was the perfect choice for German duo Lissat & Voltaxx to put their spin on.  The bouncy house intro offers no preview of what’s to come.  The first vocal sample of “Dreams” is the first sign, then a church bell and, as the layered spooky chant fades in,  the track gradually morphs into the sacrelicious monster of “Dreams.”  The techno stabs in the breakdown sound just like the original track, yet insanely contemporary with what’s being played in clubs right now.  Lissat & Voltaxx have managed to create a modern update of the classic that will inspire a whole new generation of clubbers to have a religious experience on the dancefloor.

Image Courtesy of Great Stuff