SONG OF THE DAY: Knife Party – “Centipede”


SONG OF THE DAY: Knife Party – “Centipede”
While dubstep is often the butt of many jokes, there are several fresh and exciting tracks being made in the genre. Knife Party, anoff shoot of Pendulum, has achieved much success with club tracks like “Internet Friends” and “Rage Valley,” as well as their collaboration with Swedish House Mafia, “Antidote.”  On “Centipede,” electro noises are effected and repeated to simulate the scurrying of the legs of centipede, over a dubstep beat. If you close your eyes, you can totally hear the legs scurrying to the beat for the centipede to attack its prey. The hallucinogenic ’50s film noir-inspired video is quite exceptional and worth checking out, with its seeming nod to Hadouken’s recent bug-inspired “Parasite” video.

Image Courtesy of Big Beat