SONG OF THE DAY: Groove Armada –  “Pull Up”


Sometime looking forward requires looking back.  It’s no secret that old school rave/techno circa 1992 is influencing a lot of the electro getting released right now.  A surface listening of the new Groove Armada track “Pull Up” might conjure up lost XL Recordings or a Dust Brothers dubplate from twenty years ago.  Yet if you listen closely, you realize how the old school rave/ragga rhythms are creatively updated with a darkwave feel and modern electro grooves.  The toasting, by Slarta John, is definitely on point reminding us of the classic hip-house period when danceable hip-hop and house were mixed together for everyone to enjoy.  On its own merits “Pull Up” is a stomper that will explode on many floors.  With the addition of a quirky R&B or grime-y female vocalist (maybe Janelle Monae),  this track could easily be one of  the biggest radio hits of the fall.  

Image Courtesy of Hypercolour