SONG OF THE DAY: Gina Star – “Bliss”


The theme this summer seems to be crossing genre lines. Label A&R rep turned DJ/producer Gina Starr has constructed “Bliss,” a deliciously uplifting house track with a bit of electro peppered in, and with a signature keyboard hook that floats throughout. Of particular interest is the use of atmospheric grooves that effortlessly transition into a noisy, and somewhat glitchy, build-up to a climactic cacophony of pounding synths. Basically the kind of track that punters will ask for by humming a keyboard line and DJs in the know will be able to recognize. Since her previous Beatport hits “Want It Now” and “This is Hollywood” were built around vocal samples, it’s interesting that “Bliss” is purely instrumental and makes us wonder if it’s a setup for a massive vocal topline that will be coming in the near future. Well, DJs like Tiesto and Fedde le Grand aren’t waiting, so everybody should take a listen and bang this one now in your big room sets.


Image Courtesy of CR2 Records.