REVIEW: Florrie – Late EP


By: Ben Norman

Florrie is one hard-working woman. Two years, three EPs, and fourteen amazing tracks- Florrie has garnered a lot of attention and has proven to be worthy of that attention time and time again. On her third EP, Late, she lands four knockout tracks ready to assault your mind and whatever part of you dances to music. Taken together, the three EPs equal a really cool and interesting album, starting with tracks like “Give Me Your Love” and “Summer Nights” from Introduction and progressing to “I Took A Little Something” and “Begging Me” from Experiments. As Florrie’s producer has always been Xenomania, there’s always that fun poppy quality to her music, and having played as the drummer in the Xenomania house band, this synergy plays both ways. Together, the Late EP definitely hits hardest.

Opening up the EP is “Shot You Down,” a track of few words- repeated for maximum effect. The bass guitar punctuates the track, giving it the edge to truly come across as a promise of violence. Of course, as it lifts into trance-like territory, “Shot You Down” shows an evolution that keeps the track fresh and interesting. The story isn’t fully fleshed out here, allowing the listener to take “Shot You Down” in whatever direction they want, making it as personal as they want.

Almost sounding like a Girls Aloud song (another group who worked frequently with Xenomania), “I’m Gonna Get You Back” is a fast-paced roller coaster of beats, Florrie both condemning and longing for the object of her affection. This lyrical theme continues through in the track “To the End,” accompanied by big beats and dramatic breakdowns. “To the End,” if any song on the album were to succeed commercially, would be the track to do so. It is easy to fully invest in the track, and reminds me of Morgan Page’s collaboration with Tegan & Sara, “Body Work,” at times. Although, of course, just because a track would be the most commercially viable doesn’t mean it is the best track there is to offer. That honor goes to “Every Inch,” where Florrie asserts herself as a confident and discerning woman over a rapid and frantic synth melody. “You’ve got money in your pocket, your clothes are looking hot, but I ain’t looking for somebody like you” she confesses, as the beat builds and the track works up some steam. When the beat finally drops, there won’t be a single butt in a single seat, “Every Inch” aims to get the whole club moving. It’s nice to hear a song like “Every Inch,” the duality of a conservative woman in public, who makes a man work for her affections to the wild woman in private who you’ve got to be a little crazy to want to want her. This makes “Every Inch” a satisfying musical experience, and definitely something that makes the Late EP both thrilling and melancholy. Why melancholy, you ask? Florrie’s efforts have paid off, so the Late EP will be her last independent offering. Hopefully now that she’s signed to a major label, the world will see just how much this girl has to offer, if they haven’t already.


What makes EPs so successful is also what makes them a drag. At only 4 songs, 100% of the content of the Late EP is fantastic, but after 16 minutes, it’s over. So while the Late EP is extremely notable, the length is disappointing, especially following Experiments, a 6-track EP. In hindsight, knowing that Florrie’s with a label now and in the near future may just release a full length album (new material, Florrie, new material!) makes this last EP something we will accept graciously. I hope we have an understanding though, Florrie, that you will continue releasing amazing music. Any dip in quality on a major label won’t be acceptable.

Image Courtesy of Xenomania.