SONG OF THE DAY: Breedlove and Chew Fu – “New York City Rooftop”


Sometimes a touch of hipster is a good thing. NYC party promoter Breedlove possesses a Broadway-style large range voice which exudes the highs of happiness and the lows of depression in his new song “New York City Rooftop.” Produced by electro producer Chew Fu, who is best known for his hip hop/pop remixes (oops, reFixes) of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and just about everyone else – the track is surprisingly pop with elements of salsa and just a touch of the glitch you would expect. “New York City Rooftop” feels like what you would expect from the Scissor Sisters, and that’s a compliment. From the looks of the cast of animated characters in the video, we definitely would love to stop by his weekly Magic Monday parties at Tammany Hall in NYC.

Image Courtesy of Breedlove.