SONG OF THE DAY: Ruff Loaderz & GroovEternal – “Alive”


The funny thing about British remixers is how many different aliases they work under. The guys behind Ruff Loaderz have also been part of Soul Seekerz, JDS, Perpetual Motion, and Jochen Simms. As Ruff Loaderz they’ve produced updated takes on club classics like “Let Me Be Your Fantasy,” “Music Sounds Better With You,” and “Hold Your Head Up High” with a credible edge- as well as making strong original productions like “Anthem.” Their new track with GroovEternal, “Alive,” is reminiscent of the current Zedd track “Spectrum” in the way that it seamlessly blends many of the current EDM subgenres – electro, glitch, dubstep, and progressive, then smoothes them together into a coherent, unique sound. Their commercial spin is definitely there, yet it’s definitely cool enough for the credible big names to support. Mark Hartley’s soulful vocals are reminiscent of Seal even as they are stretched and manipulated to become another rhythmic hook on the track. Another similarity to “Spectrum” is the constant mood and vibe changes; if you don’t like one part of it, wait thirty seconds and something different will come in, almost as if ADD has gone EDM. If you prefer a more stable, non-twitchy mix, check out the Swedish House Mafia-esque take by the Beat Service.

Image Courtesy of Strictly.